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Our capabilities range from effectively managing Google Adwords Campaigns, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Bingads and reduce cost spend while increase the CPA. Our approach towards PPC is 100% whitehat and ethical.

We are based in New Delhi (India) and our work timings are 8 am to 8 pm EST. You can speak to us at our skype ID: himanshu.swaraj or US VOIP number- +1 646-736-1319 (Full contact details mentioned in the right)


How we manage PPC campaign:

  • Keyword Research using various tools like Adwords, Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, Wordtracker (with high KEI)
  • Structure the campaign to gain high quality score.
  • Add negative keywords to reduce unwanted clicks.
  • Create call to action ads to increase CTR and hence quality score.
  • Optimize the landing page to enhance the CPA.
  • Use Ad-extensions to improve Ads CTR.
  • Merge Local listing with PPC campaigns etc..

Our Approach towards PPC Management:

  • 100% Conversion/Sales specific. Our goal is to get as many conversions/leads as possible in least possible cost.
  • Reduce keywords cost via effective campaign management which includes use of keyword matching, exact phrase keywords, use of negative keywords in campaign etc.
  • Using tools like keywordspy.com to identify the converting keywords which is used by the competitors since ages and successfully integrating those keywords to the campaign to get the maximum benefit.
  • Utilizing Geo Locations for the maximum benefit and use of Geo tag keywords.
  • Suggest Image and Video Ads wherever required to gain the maximum campaign benefit.
  • Effectively using ads extensions to gain maximum ads exposure.
  • Suggest Facebook Advertising as well as Yahoo-Bing Advertising wherever required.

How good we are at communication?

We provide 24*7 communication via Skype, Email or direct call. Even though we are based in New Delhi, India our level of English language is very good. Send us your enquiry for any more details.


What PPC Channels we manage?

  • Google Adwords Campaign
  • Yahoo!-Bing Search
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Amazon Ads
  • Mobile Advertising

Pay per click has become one of the most sought after search engine optimization service these days because of the excellent results being obtained by those opting for it. Making use of this situation, a large number of companies have come up claiming to offer pay per click services along with other related search engine optimization services. One name which stands out among all these companies is Freelance India. Freelance India has become one of the most recognized names in the field of freelance ppc. The company has been in service since a long time and having gained valuable experience, it provides quality service to its clients in the form of freelance ppc or other seo related services.

Freelance India has an extremely dedicated and skilled group of ppc freelancer and adwords freelancer who ensure the timely delivery of quality service to the clients of Freelance India. The ppc freelancer of our company have a vast experience in the field of freelance ppc and have a deep understanding of the working of search engines. They have a knack for identifying the factors that can help a website or an advertisement make profit from freelance ppc services. The adwords freelancer associated with Freelance India too are exceptionally good in their work and this has been proved by the repeated laurels from our clients.

A ppc freelancer or a pay per click freelancer focuses on making an advertisement or a promotional activity more appealing so as to attract more number of users to it who can click the ad and view its content. The conversion rate of a pay per click website or advertisement is the judging factor of its success and the ppc freelancer associated with us at Freelance India are experts in converting the clicks made on their webpages. In fact, Freelance India is known for ensuring a 100% conversion rate. The company and its ppc ensure that maximum conversions are done at the lowest possible rate. The ppc freelancer and adwords freelancer associated with Freelance India make attempts to bring down the keywords cost by the means of effective campaign management. This includes making use of keyword matching, exact phrase keywords, use of negative keywords in campaigns and many more. At Freelance India, the ppc freelancer as well as adwords freelancer are extremely careful about their work and make use of latest tools like keywordspy.com in order to identify the converting keywords which is being used by competitors since quite some time. The ppc freelancer then successfully integrate these keywords to the campaign in order to derive the maximum benefit from the campaign. Among the many suggestions made by the ppc freelancer and adwords freelancer are suggestions of making use of images and video ads wherever possible in order to derive more benefit from the campaign.

Some of the popular ppc channels that are managed by us are:

  • Google Adwords campaign
  • Yahoo! – Bing search
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Amazon ads
  • Mobile advertising