Why Hire for Freelance SEO Services?

We comply 60/30/10 technique for search engine rankings:

  • 60% efforts on Link popularity activities which includes Blog Postings, Article Submissions, One-way link building, Profile Creations, Social News etc.
  • 30% efforts on Making the website 100% SEO friendly, fixing website SEO issues, research high search volume keywords etc.
  • 10% efforts in linking the website to facebook, twitter etc and improve the website's social presence.

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Freelance India is a renowned name in the field of search engine optimization. Based out of Delhi, the company specializes in providing its clients with high quality freelance seo service along with a number of related services. Freelance India is based out of Delhi but has clients coming from almost all parts of the country. Because of the excellent and unmatched quality of freelance seo service being provided by us at Freelance India, we have some big names as our clients. With the growing competition being faced by websites in the World Wide Web and with an ever increasing number of websites claiming to provide visitors with every possible kind of information, website owners have slowly but steadily the importance of search engine optimization services in making their websites stand out.

With the growing awareness about search engine optimization and related services, freelance seo service too has climbed the popularity charts and increasing number of website owners are queuing up in front of companies claiming to offer seo and related services. One such name which has clients vouching for its work is Freelance India. With an experience of more than six years in the field of freelance seo service and related services like ppc services, adwords services and other web services, Freelance India makes for a one stop destination for all web related services. Among the many factors which act as Freelance India’s plus points is the dedication of its professionals towards their work commitment. In fact, we at Freelance India, hire some of the best and most experienced and skilled freelance professionals who not only have a keen insight of the internet and its working but who are also dedicated to the work in their hand. With professionals like these, Freelance India no doubt gets counted as one of the best freelance seo service provider.

At Freelance India, we ensure that clients have their demands and requirements met completely and for that, we provide freelance seo services that are tailored to meet the demands and requirements of the client. With utmost importance given to the needs of the clients, we, at Freelance India, help the clients in achieving their goals. By delivering freelance seo service that is among the best in the country, we help our clients to reach that much coveted top position in search engine rankings. With a judicious mix of old and new technologies and tricks, we make sure that are freelance seo service in the best in the market.

Some of the key features of the freelance seo service provided by us at Freelance India are:

· Services that are extremely reasonably priced and affordable for the clients

· Round the clock service to clients in order to ensure continued availability of our professionals

· A list of successfully delivered results to back our claims of superlative performance

· Identification of achievable goals by the clients in order to maintain honesty in attaining them

Regular analytics and reports to the clients in order to keep them updated about the work in progress.

Why hire Freelance-India.com for your SEO requirements?

We comply 60/30/10 technique for search engine rankings:

  • 60% efforts on Link popularity activities which includes Blog Postings, Article Submissions, One-way link building, Profile Creations, Social News etc.
  • 30% efforts on Making the website 100% SEO friendly, fixing website SEO issues, research high search volume keywords etc.
  • 10% efforts in linking the website to Facebook, twitter etc and improve the website's social presence.


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Search engine optimization had come into existence ever since internet evolved but it is only recently that it has obtained this much popularity. A quality search engine optimization service can transform the fate of a website entirely and can make a website climb the popularity charts like never before. There are a number of freelance seo expert and freelance seo consultant who are available in the market to provide quality seo services to clients. One such name that has become renowned in the field of freelancing is Freelance India. The company is based in Delhi but has become known for its quality work in the entire country and has clients coming for freelancing service from all across the nation.

We, at Freelance India, hire some of the best freelance seo expert and freelance seo consultant. Our professionals are known for the quality of service provided by them which is unparalleled in quality. In fact, we, at Freelance India, also offer trial services to our prospective clients in order to assure them of the quality of work the freelance seo expert and freelance seo consultant do at our company. In fact, Freelance India can proudly call itself one of the best freelancing service providers in the country and this fact can be verified by the long and reputed list of client enjoyed by us at Freelance India.


Freelance SEO Consultancy

A freelance seo expert and a freelance seo consultant are those professionals who can make a huge difference in the popularity and online visibility of a website. A website is more like an online image of a brand and hence, the amount of importance being given to it. Among the hundreds and thousands of websites that are present in the world wide web, it becomes increasingly difficult for a website be noticed and hence the growing demand for the service of freelance seo expert or freelance seo consultant. Freelance India trains its freelance seo expert and freelance seo consultant to pay utmost attention to the demands and requirements of the clients and then work accordingly. This ensures the effectiveness of the service delivered by the freelance seo expert or the freelance seo consultant.

At Freelance India, we make use of a mixture of latest as well as old, reliable techniques in order to achieve results. We assure our clients of results in the form of not only top listing in search engine results but also in the form of continued traffic. Our freelance seo expert and freelance seo consultant are well trained to work according to the comforts of the clients and as per the client’s convenience.

Some of the major factors which make Freelance India a popular choice for those looking for quality freelance seo expert or freelance seo consultant are:

  • Freelance services that are extremely affordable and market competitive in nature
  • Round the clock and customer centric services
  • Ongoing optimization services in order to ensure the continuity of results achieved once

And a number of other factors.

In what can be termed as a dampener to Google’s attempt to obtain the http://search domain name, a number of committees that are affiliated with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have recently issued a warning that dotless domain names can pose risk to the Internet. Google has shown active interest in the dotless “http://search” domain in a letter addressed to the ICANN board in April. The company requested in its letter for permission to expand its application for “.search” to run generic top-level domain in the form of a dotless domain. This will allow a consistent query interface across a google-s-chances-of-obtaining-the-dotless-domain-takes-a-downward-leapnumber of firms which are in the business of providing search functionality. As per Google, this would also help users to conduct searches with more ease with firms that provide the search functionality designated as their preference.

The Internet Engineering Task Force issued an advisory recently about dotless domains saying how application protocols may have trouble processing these dotless domains. In fact, just a few days back, the Internet Architecture Board too had issued a series of warnings about dotless domain names.

Google had its eyes set on the dotless domain for quite sometime now and this piece of news must have definitely lowered its hope of obtaining the http://search domain.



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Among the latest debates taking place related to Ramadan and the dos and don’ts to be done during the holy month of Ramadan, the latest is the debate over the use of social networking site Facebook. While Muslims across the globe are abstaining from eating or indulging in any sort of distrramadan-gives-rise-to-debate-over-facebook-usageacting activities, few of the Muslims have sparked a debate on whether to use or not use Facebook during this holy month. In the words of those who are abstaining from indulgence of any form in this holy month, they want to spend these 30 days by reading Koran or reflecting on this holy month with friends and family rather than tweeting or posting or making status updates.

However, there are conflicting reports too regarding the use of social media like Facebook during Ramadan. In fact, despite the news about abstaining, there have been reports that have pointed to a greater use of social media during Ramadan. Though there are no such guidelines in Islam related to abstaining from social networking during Ramadan or any other time, yet few of the followers of Islam have decided to spend the month on self introspection and refection on their spiritual status rather than spending the same time on social networking.

The social networking site Facebook has also served as a medium for spreading news and message about the holy month of Ramadan by some of the devouts which might have accounted for the increased usage of the social networking site.

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Social media baron Facebook is all set to launch yet another feature soon. This time around, the new feature is being added to the search option with the name ‘Graph Search’. This new feature will enable Facebook users to look for information about those who are in their social circles. The information to be looked for can vary from friends who in a particular city are vegetarian in nature to those acquaintances or friends of friends who are out on some adventure trip.

The move is aimed at helping Facebook users to avoid any bad surprises. As per Nick Jackson Colaco, the privacy and safety manager of Facebook, this particular tool of Graph Search is on a completely different line when compared to the previous Facebook features and is aiming to gather information in a more ‘indexed’ manner.

Though the new feature had already been introduced to a small fraction of Facebook users in January, the company plans to launch the feature now to all those members of its huge user base who have set their language as US English, Fox News reports. The company plans to notify its users that now they will find it easier to look for information that they have shared with their friends on Facebook in addition to modifying their privacy settings.

Source: Google

Flickr has been a much popular terrain of Yahoo! without much objections from users but recently , the website which has made a name for itself in photo sharing, has earned the wrath of many users. This was triggered because of a new feature which Flickr added to its pages in the form of a pale Yahoo menu bar right above the dark Flickr menu bar on the screen. The new addition has made several users of Flickr disgruntled who are of the opinion that the new menu bar not only takes up valuable real estate when users are trying to access or view their Flickr accounts and photos but also acts as a detractor because of the ugly pop-ups which are of little interest to users.

Yahoo adds new menu bar in Flickr, users annoyedThe move of adding the new menu bar has been perceived as desperation from Yahoo!’s end. Though Yahoo defends the move as an attempt to help users give the feeling of photos and being unbounded and make the whole experience of visiting Yahoo! Pages seamless, the overall response from users of Flickr has been far from positive or encouraging.

The company had conducted a feedback sometime in April when testing a Yahoo! Navigation bar on Flickr. The results were nothing short of a scandal from the part of Yahoo! as per the users but yet, the company went ahead with its decision of implementing the change. The users have gone so far as to suggest change in the color combinations of the menu bar, like white text on gray background,  in order to better the situation but of no avail till now.

This move from Yahoo! is being viewed as the company as a means to get wider audience while audience on the other hand, have not received the change positively. Only time will tell now the end result of this move on the part of Flickr.



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Freelance Web Design

We specialize in a varierty of Web Design work:

1. Static Website Design and Development in simple HTML/CSS (Table Free)

2. Dynamic Website Design for popular CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

3. Designing Mobile Apps like Iphone, Ipad, etc.

4. Design Logo, Newsletters, brochures etc..

Why Hire Freelance-India.com?

We comply 60/30/10 technique for search engine rankings:

  • 60% efforts on Link popularity activities which includes Blog Postings, Article Submissions, One-way link building, Profile Creations, Social News etc.
  • 30% efforts on Making the website 100% SEO friendly, fixing website SEO issues, research high search volume keywords etc.
  • 10% efforts in linking the website to facebook, twitter etc and improve the website's social presence.

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Below are the SEO activities we specialize in:

1. Website On-Page Optimization.

2. Website Content Optimization

3. Website Internal Linking

4. Aggressive and Quality Link building

5. Social Media Optimization like Google+, Facebook & Twitter optimization

6. Various Offsite Submissions like Articles, Directories, Blogs etc

With the ongoing rush of websites to provide users with the best possible information in the best possible format, an increasing number of website owners are preferring to opt for freelance seo services along with freelance seo India services. One such stop for these website owners is freelance seo website which has become a name to reckon with in the field of search engine optimization and related services. The company has been in the field of seo services for quite some time now and has hence gained a fair share of clientele who vouch for the excellent quality of freelance seo services provided by Freelance SEO.

The company makes use of a judicious mix of innovative as well as time tested strategies to help a website reach the top position in search engine rankings. One of the popular techniques being put to use by us in our freelance seo services is the 60/30/10 technique for search engines. In this particular technique, 60% of efforts of the company are directed towards activities that can make the website more popular. These activities include blog postings, article submissions, one-way link building, profile creations, social news and many more. Another 30% efforts are put in making the website more user friendly or rather making the website entirely user friendly. This is achieved by us by fixing website SEO issues and researching about high search volume keywords among other steps. The remaining 10% efforts are put in making the website linked to social networking websites like face book, twitter etc. This is done in order to make the website become more visible and attract more traffic.

A quality freelance seo service can make a website reach the top of search engine rankings and do wonders to its online visibility. And one such name which has been known for its quality seo services is Freelance seo which has been considered responsible for the success a number of websites. Freelance seo India has an extremely dedicated and skilled set of freelance writers who pay attention to even the minutest details of their client requirements and then plan their work accordingly. This results in extremely customer centric freelance seo services. Because of the high quality of the freelance seo services provided by us at Freelance SEO, we have a large number of loyal customers who keep coming back to us for more seo and related services.

Some of the search engine optimization services that we, at Freelance seo India specialize in are website on page optimization, website content optimization, website internal linking, aggressive and quality link building, optimization of social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc and a number of offsite submissions like articles, directories, blogs etc. Freelance seo India provides its clients with extremely dedicated freelance seo services that are tailored to meet their demands and requirements and hence the rave reviews received by the company for their work.

Hire Freelance SEO Expert.

Guide to Web Analytics: A brief explanation of web analytics guide

freelance seoWeb analytics give you the authority in order to know that how your visitors are using your site, to identify how they respond to your website and to get better the value of the website. The more your visitors feel better about employing your website, the more your bottom line will be improved. If your website is related to commerce and you are having struggle, You Can Ensure that your opponent are using web analytics as well (or some related techniques of marketing) to increase more clientele.

It's almost not possible to appreciate why somebody does something online. How, after that, we probably could expect to appraise inclinations crosswise (potentially) millions of viewers? As it proves, it is not that much complex. Even out with just a small amount of traffic, web servers produce a marvelous quantity of data. Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics, Webtrends etc.. were shaped to assemble and distill this data. Web analytics enable us in knowing what is happening, not why. After perceiving data examples, we might assume what's going on with accurateness rational. But we cannot identify for certain save we perform quality examinations, like actual user testing, where we could inquire people what they do and why they do.

Look at the top by 12 points you can analyze the web analytics tools:

Exceptional Visitors: This is the number of website visits by dissimilar users. If two people visit the site three times each, you'd have six visits by two exceptional visitors.

Hits: This metric most likely does not make sense to track, but you'll listen to so many about it - a hit measures the number of needs Entirety for text, images, and files for your web server accepts a specified page.

Search Keywords: A lot of packages can confirm the words or phrases people typed into search engines like Google or Yahoo! that directed them to your website.

Tracking Registered Users: If ingredients of your website users need to log in, a web analytics tool can follow precisely what they did during each visit to the site. (Without a login, it's not sensible to link up data for an exacting person from one visit to another.

ClickTracks: it is also called as click paths; these are graphical symbols of typical trips throughout your website.

Referrers: These are the exterior left to go after people obtain to your website.
Of Visitor Information: It allows you to find out so many things regarding your visitors through analytics tools, comprising how many are latest to the website, the country or area where they're situated, the web browser they're using, etc.

Top Entry and Exit Pages: This indicates to the pages on Which the Majority visitors enter your website - do not guess it's the home page - and go away with it. These pages might be excellent places to start when you are modifying your website.

Bounce rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of visits where the visitor left your site after viewing only one page. This metric is characteristically employed to calculate the quality of visit.

Conversion: It follows the number of people who did what you required them to from a agreed starting point - for instance, the number of users who went from a contribute link on your home page all the way throughout the contribution procedure, or the% of people who viewed your home page and then signed up for your information sheet.

Page views: It reveals about you how many times your page has been viewed by the visitors, and is frequently separated by visits to Provide a page-views-per-visit figure that symbolizes the average number of pages each visitor only analyzed on a excursion to your website.

Benefits Of Hiring Freelance Asp Dot Net (ASP.NET) Developers

If you are thinking of the benefits of hiring freelance asp dot net development look read the text given below.

  • It does not consume much your time and save a lot of money in the form of investment from the ending because you are only charged for the service that your employ from the company, not the Asp.Net development for web development hired by you.
  • It enables you to have the most excellent and best project of development, which would give you the most striking, and specialized high quality web development. Hiring our services present you an opportunity to find the modified for your business web development.
  • You are free to appoint freelance Asp.Net development service very effortlessly and did so at extremely reasonably prices. As outsourcing is always the finest option, you can have the best project development just as your in-house employees would do for you.